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Gluten-Free Menu

Choose one meal on one day, all meals on all days or anything in between

1st Day of the Month

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, yogurt parfait w/ GF granola and berries, fresh mixed fruit

Lunch black bean tortilla soup, baked sweet potato

Dinner - chili w/ cheese, corn on the cob, brown rice

Lunch Party

Breakfast - GF oatmeal with cinnamon and berries and pecans, whole orange 

Lunch - peanut buddha bowl w/ chicken, tomato soup

Dinner-GF pizza w/ mozzarella, pepperoni, basil, and marinara. side of sweet potato fries

2nd Day of the Month
At a Restaurant
3rd Day of the Month

Breakfast - hash browns, hard boiled egg, whole apple

Lunch - chicken apple sausage, mashed potatoes, whole pear  

Dinner - carnitas bowl w/ cilantro-lime rice, diced tomatoes, black beans, jack and cheddar cheese. side of chips and salsa

Image by dusan jovic

Breakfast - potatoes o' Brien, triple berry protein smoothie

Lunch - sweet and sour shrimp w/ fried rice and veggies

Dinner - chicken marsala, green beans, cranberry sauce

4th Day of the Month
Image by Josh Frenette
5th Day of the Month

Breakfast - sweet potato hash w/ sausage and eggs, steamed veggies

Lunch Cecilia's taco salad, roasted asparagus, whole apple

Dinner - ginger and orange shrimp w/ fried rice and veggies

Quick Toast
6th Day of the Month

Breakfast French toast w/ gf bread, super mandarin protein smoothie

Lunch - gf beef burritos w/ spanish rice, black beans, and pico de gallo

Dinner - barbacoa beef tacos, cilantro-lime rice, orange ginger cookie

Friends Around Table
7th Day of the Month

Breakfast - rice and beans with corn tortillas, fried egg, diced watermelon

Lunch - collard green wrap w/ humus and rainbow veggies, pasta and veggie salad

Dinner - chicken parmesan, flatbread, potato salad

Bite to Eat
8th Day of the Month

Breakfast - chocolate chia pudding, yogurt parfait with granola and berries

Lunch - 2 Italian hot dogs w/ GF buns, baked beans, potato salad

Dinner - lemon rosemary chicken, white rice, vegetable medley

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
9th Day of the Month

Breakfast - breakfast bowl, bacon, peas and carrots

Lunch - sweet potato bun burger, tomato bisque soup, mixed fresh fruit

Dinner - GF kung pao w/ chicken, fried rice and veggies

Enjoying Salad
10th Day of the Month

Breakfast - fried eggs, chia pudding, mixed berries

Lunch - cheesy green bean casserole, corn and zucchini fritters, sautéed veggies

Dinner - meatloaf, au gratin potatoes, roasted herb cauliflower 

cooking couple
11th Day of the Month

Breakfast - hash browns, roasted veggies, rice porridge

Lunch - GF grilled cheese w/ ham sandwich, GF chicken noodle soup

Dinner - mediterranean chicken, quinoa salad, pita triangles w/ hummus

Friends Having Lunch
12th Day of the Month

Breakfast - GF oatmeal w/ raisins and pecans, GF blueberry muffin

Lunch - Zucchini noodles w/ garlic butter shrimp, garden salad

Dinner - carnitas over cilantro lime rice, Mexican corn salad, peas and carrots

Making Fruit Salad
13th Day of the Month

Breakfast - GF whole bagel w/ cream cheese, apple slices w/ peanut butter

Lunch - seasoned and baked chicken breast, garlic mushrooms cauliflower skillet, rice

Dinner - honey mustard chicken, sweet potato mash, strawberry spinach 

Outdoor BBQ
14th Day of the Month

Breakfast - pulled pork breakfast burritos, strawberries and grapes

Lunch - tilapia, quinoa tabbouleh, roasted lemon asparagus

Dinner - cheeseburger pie, roasted Brussel sprouts w/ maple and bacon and cranberries

Gourmet Meal
15th Day of the Month

Breakfast - breakfast bowl w/ sausage and cheese, yogurt parfait with berries and granola

Lunch - turkey, stuffing (w/ out gravy), cranberry sauce

Dinner - caramelized pork chops, roasted lemon asparagus

Eating Out
16th Day of the Month

Breakfast - breakfast sandwich w/ egg on GF English muffin, whole banana

Lunch - yellow curry with flatbread, black beans, and rice

Dinner - stuffed spaghetti squash, flatbread, honey balsamic roasted carrots

Enjoying a Meal

Breakfast - cream of mushroom soup, cilantro lime rice and black beans

Lunch - GF philly cheesesteak, squash medley, cornbread

Dinner - GF zucchini lasagna and scalloped potatoes

17th Day of the Month
Gourmet Meals
18th Day of the Month

Breakfast cowboy breakfast burrito, potatoes o' brien

Lunch - gf meatball and marinara sandwich, strawberry spinach salad

Dinner - chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, black beans, tortilla chips and salsa

Enjoying a Meal
19th Day of the Month

Breakfast - gf blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, mixed berries

Lunch - barbacoa beef tacos, corn on the cob, cilantro-lime rice

Dinner - gf chicken pot pie soup, fruity nutty salad w/ mango balsamic, grilled cauliflower wedges 

Outside Dinner
20th Day of the Month

Breakfast - gf belgain waffle, chicken apple sausage, diced peaches

Lunch - kielbasa with peppers and potatoes, vegetable soup

Dinner - salmon piccata, gf parmesan noodles, broccoli soup

Friends at Lunch
21st Day of the Month

Breakfast - peach and granola yogurt parfait, gf bagel

Lunch - fajitas and veggies, wild rice, cranberries and apples

Dinner - red curry, flatbread, vegetable medley

Outdoor Party
22nd Day of the Month

Breakfast - caprese frittata, lemon herb rice, whole pear

Lunch - roasted butternut squash with mustard vinaigrette

Dinner - shrimp pasta primavera w/ noodles and veggies, falafel

Lunch Date
23rd Day of the Month

Breakfast - butternut squash and chorizo hash, gf avocado and hummus toast

Lunch - gf chicken w/ sweet sauce, quinoa and black bean salad, snap peas and carrots


Dinner - watermelon-chipotle bbq tri-tip, rosemary root vegetables, green beans

Family Lunch
24th Day of the Month

Breakfast - triple berry protein smoothie, vanilla greek yogurt, gf banana nut muffin

Lunch - crispy jackfruit tacos, mushroom risotto w/ peas, melon bites

Dinner - chicken cordon bleu, honey glazed carrots, chopped salad


Breakfast - french toast on gf bread, sweet potato hash w/ ham, sausage and cheese

Lunch - turkey tetrazzini, gf caesar salad, gf garlic breadstick

Dinner - chicken apple sausage, roasted parmesan potatoes, greek salad

25th Day of the Month
Couple on a Date
26th Day of the Month

Breakfast - steak and egg breakfast tacos, gf apple-cinnamon muffin

Lunch - shrimp jambalaya, lemony garbanzo salad

Dinner - gf spaghetti and meatballs, power salad, cinnamon apples

Cooking Class

Breakfast - berry açaí bowl w/ granola and honey, gf banana bread

Lunch - stuffed bell pepper w/ rice pilaf, tortilla chips, refried beans, salsa

Dinner - baked acorn squash w/ blueberry-walnut filling, fresh mixed fruit

27th Day of the Month
Family Dinner
28th Day of the Month

Breakfast - chorizo egg scramble w/ pico de gallo, black beans, cheese, and tortilla

Lunch - gf BLT, chicken poppy seed salad, whole apple

Dinner - chickpea-kidney bean soup, gf quiche, roasted garlic butter parmesan potatoes

Taking Orders

Breakfast - super mandarin protein smoothie, gf granola bars

Lunch - turkey and veggie kabobs, avocado and ham quesadillas

Dinner - gf chicken pad thai, asian noodle salad, gf cookie

29th Day of the Month
Family Meal
30th Day of the Month

Breakfast - gf cinnamon rolls, gf cereal w/ milk, mixed fresh fruit

Lunch Mexican picadillo, fried egg, rice, guacamole

Dinner - roasted chicken and roots, gf brownie

Enjoying Soup

Breakfast - gf banana pancakes w/ strawberries, hash browns

Lunch - mediterranean salad w/grilled chicken, italian dressing on the side, pita bread & hummus


Dinner - pork tenderloin w/ balsamic glaze, gf risotto, broccoli

31st Day of the Month
Couple Having Lunch
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