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2nd Chance
Second Chance's role is to provide the coaching and assistance needed to help people make the most of their lives after leaving the prison system.  Their work both inside and outside of prisons has
proven essential to reducing recidivism, and leading those who go through their program toward becoming happy, productive members of our community who in turn give back and help the next generation.Executive Chef Domanic Jimenez, pictured here with Bill Payne, chose Second Chance to be our Charity of the Month.
Well done!
Domani and Our Guest
Tom and Mai
We were so blessed when Tom Nguyen was able to come to us full-time in 2020!  He has been a key component of our team ever since, and has been one of the reasons we get so many great food reviews!
We honored Tom with Employee of the Month and he chose to honor International Compassion Charities.  ICC uses 100% of donations 
 to serve those in need - be it feeding homeless in San Diego, caring for hurricane victims in Houston or digging a well 50 meters deep in Vietnam - where surface water is still contaminated with Napalm.  Mae and her organization have incredible heart and we are pleased to help them with their work!
Baltazar Gonzales earned June's Employee of the Month for his great attitude, hard work and his versatility in working both the kitchen and events.  And he was happy to honor the Chicano Federation for all their good work in the community.  We were amazed at the extent of their services in helping those in need with housing, childcare, business assistance and so much more to so many!
Chicano Federation SD

If you spend just a little time with our General Manager, Shelly Ott, you will soon find out how much she loves all animals, and especially her two goats!

So, of course, when Shelly earned Employee of the Month status, she knew right away which organization she wanted to invite to meet with us and become our next Charity of the Month.  We honor the San Diego Humane Society for their tireless efforts to create a more humane San Diego.

When our Operations Assistant, Erica Saechao, earned Employee of the Month, she choose the National Marine Mammal Foundation, located here in San Diego, to be our Charity of the Month for their dedication to global conservation of all marine mammals and habitats.
great plates delivered

Great Plates Delivered:


 We were thrilled to participate in helping seniors and other adults at high risk from COVID-19 to stay home and stay healthy by delivering three nutritious meals a day.  

     Older adults are vital members of the community and we prioritize sourcing local and quality products for them while taking extra precautions for prep, food handling, and delivery.

We have proudly worked side by side with Grandma Lulu's.  Thier mission is to mobilize the distribution of plant-based meals via food trucks and volunteers for the food insecure. 
Grandma Lulu's
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