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What is a PM  G?

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Taco Burrito and Asado Bowl Buffet
Breakfast Buffet
Asian Bowl Buffet
Barbecue Buffet

PMGs are Perfect Meals for Groups, and they are designed to make it very easy for the person who is doing the ordering.  How?  By making it so you don't need to know the details about your group.  Our standard packages are designed to meet the needs of "regular", vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets, even when that means bringing different foods for each restriction.

We will assume that there are 2 gluten free people, 2 vegans and 10% of your group are vegetarians.  That covers 95% of group orders.  If you need any more coverage, just let us know.  Every meal comes delivered with a cheat sheet of what items are gluten free, vegan and vegetarian so your group will know without having to ask you.

It's so simple, you just call, give us your name and contact information, the day of the event, the time and headcount (+/- 20%) and tell us which of these packages you want.  And whether or not you'd like drinks added. 

That's it.  From there we send you an invoice with all of the details and you can pay via the email link.  If your company prefers, we will hold up payment until day of delivery or work with your accounting department on other terms.

After the initial estimate given at time of booking, we ask for a firm headcount 48 hours in advance - and will do our best to accommodate later changes.  We understand your need for flexibility.

Finally, if there is anything else we can do to make your job easier, let us know.  After all, you are the reason we do what we do.

Principles of PMGs
* Ease of Ordering  ​
* Great Value
* Guaranteed On Time Delivery
* Group Size from 25
to 800
* Can Convert from
Buffet to Individual Packaging when needed
* Most Dietary Restrictions automatically accommodated
* Diverse Selection
* Fresh, Delicious, Complete & Satisfying Meals
* Our Own Staff Delivers & Sets Up Professionally
Salad Bar Buffet
Sandwich Buffet
Classic American Buffet
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