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New Restaurant Inspired by Souplantation Coming in 2024

PRESS RELEASE, 12/12/2023, San Diego

JCREW, Inc., which runs two local businesses, California's Best Catering and Elizabethan Desserts, is seeking to create a new restaurant featuring an all-you-can eat soup and salad format inspired by Souplantation, the popular restaurant chain that ceased operations in San Diego in 2020. They are asking San Diegans to support the effort through a Kickstarter campaign formed for this purpose. ( .

"We believe San Diegans miss Souplantation, and this is a good and fun way to confirm that before moving forward," said Rick Jones, JCREW's CEO. "When people contribute to this campaign, they are rewarded with cool things, like t-shirts, tickets to the grand opening or even unlimited all-you-can-eat visits for a year, depending on the amount of their contribution and which items they select."

In addition to an amazing salad bar and all-you-can-eat soups, like Souplantation featured, this new restaurant will have a full sit-down menu with delicious entrees, sides, baked goods and a wide selection of desserts. Grab-n-go, take out, delivery and catering options will be available. "This is very much a forward-looking venture, taking something from the past that was well liked and making some modifications so that it fits the preferences of our community today."

Backers will receive email updates every two weeks on the restaurant's progress, insights into its menu, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the work behind the launch, and special offers once the restaurant is open. "We truly want this restaurant to be by and for San Diegans," Jones continued, "that when they contribute now or when they walk in later, they will feel that they are a part of something really special."

The restaurant opening is planned for mid to late 2024 with the exact location yet to be determined. Once the amount of the contributions are known and the backers have had their say, a location will be chosen and announced.


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